Optimising Shared decision-makIng for high-RIsk major Surgery

We propose an integrated programme of research to understand and improve the shared decision making process for patients at high risk of medical complications as they contemplate major surgery.

In a series of complementary studies, we will conduct qualitative and quantitative research with patients, doctors and carers to understand the complexities of the surgical decision making process.  In conjunction we will undertake a series of epidemiological studies to describe the healthcare and chronic disease burden experienced by high-risk patients undergoing major surgery. These workstreams will enable us to design a decision support intervention for perioperative doctor-patient decision making which we will then evaluate in a prospective multi-centre randomised cluster trial.

During this programme we will focus on three contrasting scenarios representing the key decision making contexts: Major joint replacement for osteoarthritis; Major colorectal resection for bowel cancer; Coronary artery bypass grafting for ischaemic heart disease.

This website will continue to be the central communication hub for all aspects of the trial. We will continue to add more information as the study progresses. Please contact us if you have any queries, and follow us on twitter @OsirisProgramme for further progress updates.

Best wishes,

The Osiris Programme team