This section is for healthcare professionals who would like to learn more about shared decision-making (SDM) and how to use the decision support intervention during this process.

The overall objectives for the various courses are as follows:

    • To stimulate reflection on your current practice regarding shared decision making, prior to using the OSIRIS tool​
      • Brief refresher on SDM
    • To stimulate reflection on patient-centred risks such frailty and impaired function prior to using OSIRIS tool​
      • Brief overview of concepts
    • To familiarise teams with the OSIRIS tool​
      • How to videos and guides

Click the link below to access the courses page.

On the Courses page you will find different courses that are categorised as follows:

    • Research Nurses Intervention Group
    • Research Nurses Control Group
    • Background
    • Intervention training

With the exception of the ‘Background’ category, which is accessible to all, the other categories are tailored for the specific groups involved in the project. For example, the information available in the ‘Research nurses intervention group’ is relevant to research nurses and PIs who have been assigned to the intervention group.


In order to access and complete the relevant courses, you will need to register and enroll on the course. However, with the ‘Background’ course you do not need to register to access the course.


Once you start a course you will be able to keep track of how much you have completed, and you can exit at anytime (by clicking the blue button on the left which has a ‘Back to Course’ button).