Project 4.4

Health economic analyses

We will assess the cost-effectiveness of the intervention at
six months from the perspective of health and social care services. This will include any training, supervision and equipment and additional consultation time to deliver the intervention. The study population for this will be the same as project 4.2.

With patient consent, we will collect data describing secondary care attendance during the trial period. We will collect self-report questionnaires administered at entry into the study and at final follow-up six months later. For each participant, total costs and quality adjusted life years will be calculated over the six month follow-up in the trial. We will explore the impact of different scenarios for intervention cost and implementation on cost-effectiveness.

Analyses will investigate the reliability of results, key parameters such as the effect of the intervention on patients’ decisions, rates of complications, effects of complications on health-related quality of life and mortality and the cost of complications and intervention.