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Shared decision making (SDM) is a process by which people are supported to understand their treatment options and are given the opportunity, together with their doctor, to deliberate using all the relevant information that might influence their choice.

Learning Objectives

  • To stimulate reflection on your current SDM practice prior to using the OSIRIS tool
  • To stimulate reflection on patient-centred risks, such as frailty and impaired function, prior to using the OSIRIS tool
  • To familiarise teams with the OSIRIS tool and risk forecasts prior to use 


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  1. Learning Objectives
What is Shared Decision-Making?
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  1. What does shared decision-making mean to you?
  2. What is Shared Decision-Making?
Why Shared Decision-Making?
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  1. Why Shared Decision-Making?
  2. The Montgomery Ruling
  3. Shared Decision-Making and Consent
Benefits of Shared Decision-Making
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  1. Benefits of shared decision-making
  2. The Silent Misdiagnosis
  3. Why Shared Decision-Making?
  4. A Meeting of Two Experts
The Process of Shared Decision-Making
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  1. The Process of Shared Decision-Making
  2. The Process of Shared Decision-Making - Continued
  3. Team Talk
  4. Option Talk
  5. Deliberation
  6. Decision Talk
  7. Talking about risk
  8. Talking about risk – Continued
  9. The OSIRIS risk forecasts are presented using natural frequencies, percentages and icon arrays ​
  10. Bringing it all together
  11. Congratulations
NICE Guidelines on Shared Decision Making
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  1. Shared Decision Making Learning Package
  2. Module 1 - Orientation and Background
  3. Module 2 - Cognitive Psychology
  4. Module 3 - Evidence-Based Medicine
  5. Module 4 - Probability and Uncertainty: values and preferences
  6. Module 5 - Consultation Skills
  7. Module 6 - Practising shared decision making, staying up to date
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